Mason Matters

Mission and Vision
The mission of the Mason County Health Coalition, Mason Matters, is to bring together members of the community to help improve the health and wellbeing of our county. This is achieved through different projects that are designed by the coalition's workgroups. The workgroups include Behavioral Health, Access to Healthcare, Education and Employment, Healthy Living, Housing and Homelessness, and Empowered Families. 

Project Overview:
Subgroup Project Description Motivation/Solution Questions
Healthy Living Food access for 10-14 year old rural youth Connecting pockets of youth to food This age group is always hungry. They might not be able to eat breakfast and do not have access to healthy food options What dollar amount is available?
How big can this be?
Housing Fair Market Rate Evaluation Outdated FMR reduces low income rent opportunities Current valuations are too high and not realistic for low income residents to qualify What is the average rent?
Empowered Families Family Resource Guide One stop access to family resources Many different sources have resource guides and it can be hard to know where to go. Having them in one location, and updated frequently can be helpful to all families  
Behavioral Health Transportation Access Evaluation of transportation services for client access to assistance Clients need transportation to/ from appointments  

Project Proposal Template

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