LEAD Program

Mason County elected officials, law enforcement officers, residents, business owners, and service providers want to improve public safety and order in their neighborhoods and reduce future criminal behavior by individuals engaged in law violations due to behavioral health conditions, continued drug use and/or extreme poverty. Mason County's LEAD program focuses on public safety and order by utilizing human resource tools. The overarching goal of the program is to improve community health and safety by reducing criminal legal system involvement by using specific human resource tools that are coordinated effectively with law enforcement as well as other community stakeholders.
Community Referral

If you are an agency working with a Mason County resident that is struggling with extreme poverty and/or a behavioral health issue (mental health or substance use disorder) and this individual is in danger of or is currently committing law violations, please consider referring them to the local Mason County LEAD program. Please fill out the referral sheet with as much information as possible.


For further questions and/or program information, please contact:
Melissa Casey, Community Health Manager
Phone: (360) 427-9670 ext. 404
E-mail: mcasey@masoncountywa.gov