If you are currently experience a housing crisis contact Crossroads Housing Coordinated Entry at 360-427-6919 or 360-490-6510

What is the definition of Homeless?

According to the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), a person is considered homeless if they are:

  • Fleeing Domestic Violence
  • Sleeping in an area or structure not meant for human habitation (e.g. outside, vehicle, or abandoned building)
  • Staying in an emergency shelter or in a transitional housing program

The number one reason for becoming homeless cited by individuals in the PIT Count is job loss/unemployment, followed by eviction/loss of housing and physical health/disability.

Top Barriers to Housing

-Lack of affordable housing stock
-Lack of voucher supported housing
-Ability to earn a livable wage
-Employment availability
-Lack of job training / unable to work
-Criminal history
-Mental Illness
-Chemical dependency
-Poor rental history
-Increasing rent / rent over 30% of household income

More detailed information about kids in Mason County who experience homelessness can be found on the
Schoolhouse Washington Dashboard

In January 2018, the Department of Commerce released the State of Washington Homeless Housing Strategic Plan with the vision of “no person left living outside”. The goal in Mason County is to reduce the number of people classified as unsheltered homelessness to align with Washington State’s plan and serve those in our community with the most need.

The full Mason County 2036 Comprehensive Plan is available on the Mason County website: http://www.co.mason.wa.us/community-services/planning/2036-comp-plan-update/index.php

The full Profile on Homelessness in Mason County is available on the Mason County website:

Washington State Homeless System Performance Reports

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