If you are currently experience a housing crisis in Mason County please call (360) 427-6919

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Mason County Community Services Public Health is responsible for contracting and compliance activities related to the homeless housing funds. Through the award of funds, Mason County Community Services partners with agencies to establish sustainable funding practices, implement low-barrier projects and policies, and the use of best practices to improve the lives of Mason County Residents. The funding sources include: the Consolidated Homeless Grant Program, 2163 Funds (RCW 36.22.179) Homeless Housing and Assistance and 2060 Funds (RCW 36.22.178) Affordable Housing. The funding supports homeless crisis response systems and best practices that efficiently reduce and prevent homelessness especially for people living outside.



Housing cost burden is the ratio of housing cost (including utilities) to household income. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) considers households that pay more than 30 percent of their income for rent or housing costs (including utilities) as housing cost burdened.

Rental Vacancy Rate is calculated by taking the number of rental homes that are unoccupied in Mason County out of the total number of rental homes available in Mason County.

Mason County Housing and Homelessnes Event Calendar

For more information about housing projects, homelessness initiatives and community resources in Mason County please click the corresponding pages or visit the Mason County Community Services Website.